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McDonogh连接 combines an updated alumni networking platform with our career resource program to create one powerful tool! McDonogh连接将帮助您:

  • 找到并重新联系以前的同学
  • Advance your career by making new professional 连接ions
  • Post or view job opportunities and internships
  • Offer mentoring to 当前的 students and recent graduates 


访问 连接 and use your primary email address to request access. 一旦你登录了, you can choose to set up a password or to 连接 your Google, 脸谱网, 或领英账号,方便访问. Once you have selected your mentoring preferences, you can start searching the directory for classmates or finding mentors in your career field. 



第一步:去 应用程序商店 搜索“McDonogh连接” 


第一步:去 应用程序商店 搜索“渐进式社区”


If you have questions, please contact the Office of 校友 Relations at


Are all of my classmates listed in McDonogh连接? 哪些信息是公开的?

All alumni will appear in McDonogh连接 with name and 毕业一年 as well as their contact, 教育, 就业信息. All information is public unless made private by the user.


所有信息(姓名), 毕业一年, 详细国内十大彩票平台, and 教育 就业信息) is public unless made private by the user. 使您的信息保密, click on the small menu arrow next to your profile photo and select ‘settings’. Then select the ‘privacy’ tab and select your privacy preferences. 

I’m not interested in all of the mentoring options, but McDonogh连接 preselects them for me. 为什么?

One of the main benefits of McDonogh连接 is the mentoring feature. To ensure that we build a robust network of mentors, the buttons are pre-checked. 然而, it only takes a few seconds to uncheck them based on your preferences. 您可以根据自己的喜好选择多检查或少检查.

What will McDonogh School do with my personal information that is public on McDonogh连接?

Any information contained in your McDonogh连接 profile will be used to update the information the McDonogh 当前的ly has for you in your alumni profile.


是的. Users can search by name, grad year, degree, key word, and more.


No. 校友 who are in good standing with McDonogh School are able to automatically log into McDonogh连接 using their primary email address. All other users must be authenticated by the McDonogh连接 administrator before they can gain access. 审批过程需要24-48小时.

Can McDonogh连接 users use the information contained in McDonogh连接 for business purposes?

No. The content and directory information contained in McDonogh连接 is for use by registered/ authorized users only and should be used for non-commercial, 其中, and non-political personal communication between individuals. Use of this information in any other way is strictly prohibited and may result in revocation of directory access or legal action as appropriate. 目录 information may not be used by anyone other than the authorized user viewing it and may not be distributed or sold.

Who do I contact if I have technical issues?

技术支持请发邮件 support@连接 For issues related to account approval or site content, send an email to

What are the benefits of logging in with LinkedIn or 脸谱网?

Logging in with LinkedIn or 脸谱网 speeds up the login process. This option allows you to easily 连接 profiles you've already set up through the other social platforms. This also allows you to see what other alumni in your social networks are using our platform, as well as invite your fellow alumni to join.

I updated my information, but it's not appearing that way in my profile.

Each section on the ‘update your profile’ page has its own individual ‘update’ button. You must click this button for each section you update before clicking ‘I'm done updating’ when you're finished.

How do I sync up with my social media accounts so the information appears in my McDonogh连接 profile?

登录到平台时, click on the small menu arrow next to your profile photo and select ‘settings’. Then select the ‘account’ tab and click ‘连接’ to sync your accounts.

What if I don't have a LinkedIn or 脸谱网 account?

您可以使用电子邮件地址登录. If it is an email address we have on file, you will be automatically approved. If we don't have the updated contact information, 您的批准将等待审批, and the alumni office will verify your information. You should receive approval notice within one business day.

I graduated from another school that uses a directory similar to McDonogh连接. Can I access both directories with my sign on information?

目录 services offered by different institutions through Graduway (the company that partnered with McDonogh to create McDonogh连接) are not merged together. The McDonogh连接 directory only contains McDonogh alumni and seniors. 然而, users can sign into each of their Graduway-created alumni directories using one ID and password via their social media accounts (脸谱网 and LinkedIn).